Thursday, May 10, 2007

PLI Rentals

Dear Tenants,

For all our newcomers and those of you who may have not heard of our tenant PLI's conference center, we are happy to announce that their state of the art facility is available for rental. See the flyer below for information, or contact them at 415-498-2800.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Animal Magnetism and Spring Cleaning

Welcome to the jungle.

This next quarterly art show brings the spring and vigor of the animal kingdom to our building.

Artwork SF has put together a variety of artists, tied together with the theme of "Animal Magnetism", to bring some much needed levity to the halls of the building.

A reception will be held on April 11th at 5:30PM on the 3rd Floor.

In response to tenant feedback, and in our own little tribute to reducing the clutter during spring cleaning, we've cut back on the number of pieces on each floor. We hope you enjoy the sparser layout!

The courtyard got a makeover today as well, so stop by to enjoy the scenery and grab some rays in our wind-sheltered plaza.

Friday, February 16, 2007

U Can't Touch This

Remember those days when the auto-flush toilet came into vogue? Even Beevis and Butthead found them fascinating.

Fast-forward to 2007, and you can barely find a modern bathroom that doesn't have those auto-flushers on their johns and janes. And for a good reason: they help with water conservation, cleanliness of the facilities, and promote sanitation by keeping your hands out of contact with their germ-carrying surfaces.

So in the spirit of trying to stay ahead of, or at least keep pace with these trends, we are introducing the latest component of our slowly materializing Touch-Free Restroom Experience for your comfort and convenience.

These new dispensers really put the old pump-action units we have to shame with their form and functionality. In terms of the technology and value-added engineering that's gone into them, they bear the same relationship to the dispensers they're replacing as a mid-20th century bi-plane does to a Lear Jet.

Each Auto-Soaper is a motion sensor activated, self-contained, battery powered unit, capable of measured dose delivery and fitted with a red-LED reminiscent of HAL from a Space Odyssey 2001 that indicates when it needs more soap or fresh batteries. They also come equipped with disposable soap packets which prevent old soap from collecting and rotting in their reservoir.

They're are also incredibly cool looking, in our humble but fantastically informed opinions.

So with all that said, we do hope you enjoy using them, and that they instill a sense of excitement in you with the heralding of the TFRE that they represent!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pre-Valentine's Party

Chocolate Fountains, Fresh Fruit, and Cheese Hor doeuvres were served up sweet and fresh at our first Pre-Valentine's Day Party and Poetry Contest this past Tuesday, February 13th.

We were thrilled to see so many people out and enjoying themselves in our building courtyard and even happier that so many were able to attend the poetry contest as well!

It was a very difficult contest to pick the runners up for, and we received many last minute entries, but in the end we narrowed to down to two contestants each in the Most Romantic and Most Creative categories, and one in the Best Overall.

Hatsumi Takahashi of JTB took home the grand prize for Best Overall poem and won a $200 gift certificate for flowers from Paul Robertson Floral.

Andrea Edwards from Topica won in the Most Creative category and took home a bottle of Piper Heisdeick Brut Champagne.

And Maggie Meredith-Ryan of Benefit Cosmetics scored a Godiva Valentine's Heart of chocolate and truffles for her win in the cateogry of Most Romantic.

The winning poems are featured below for your reading pleasure.

We'd also like to recognize the following people who won honorable mentions for their submissions and took home a small box of Godiva chocolates: Laura Garcia of Kato, Feder & Suzuki, Joe Rosado of Topica, and Mark Luhn of Jeffrey's Toys.

Thanks for helping to make our event a great success with your attendance and your entries to our contest! We hope that you enjoyed the food and your fellow tenant's poetry, and will consider entering yourself in our contest next year.
Do you remember when we met, the first time?
– by Hatsumi Takahashi of JTB International

Do you remember when we met, the first time?
Your pretty smile stole my heart and I fell in love with you.

We’ve been together for a long time,
We’ve laughed and cried and enjoyed our life.

Your pretty face has wrinkles, your body has changed,
But you are still beautiful to me.

Thank you darling, for what you’ve done for me.
Now, I am watching your face by the bed, but you don’t speak.

You are still my love and forever in my heart.
Love is a Space Heater
- by Andrea Edwards of Topica

Bitter cold, pouring rain.
I arrive at the Monadnock building, shivering in pain.

On the third floor, I arrive at my station
Thinking of my space heater, in anticipation!

You keep me warm, you keep me dry.
You help me as the days go by.

Whenever I need a solid friend,
It is on you I can depend.

It's 9AM, so let’s go.
Love is a space heater,

Feel the warm air blow!
Valentine’s Bliss
– by Maggie Meredith-Ryan of Benefit Cosmetics

Take a rest today from your everyday grind
But please do not sleep on our love that’s so hard to find

The reality of happiness between me and you
Makes each day on earth easier for me through and through

The moments we share of laughter and love fill me with emotions brand new
That sweep through my mind, reminiscent of sweet dreams come true

Innocence and Beauty instilled in your grin
Your lips as delicate as a rose petal in the wind

My wish for today: to be blessed with one kiss
That would send me off

Into Valentine’s Bliss

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Art Openings for 1st Quarter 2007

It's that most wonderful time of the New Year: when we sweep out the old art hanging in the hallways and put on something new.

This quarter, we thought we'd try something different: Art...with a sense of humor(?) From January to the end of March, on display in the elevator lobbies of floors 3, 4 and 5, you will find: Tongue in Cheek.

Whether or not the show is a laugh riot, or a yawn will be up to you to judge.

Please feel free to leave follow ups to this post telling us how you liked it!