Friday, August 19, 2005

Weekly Update

The restrooms are back in working order after an eternity of delays. Lessons learned: if your contractor says something is on its way, it's probably two weeks behind schedule. If your contractor says something is delayed, it's probably two months behind schedule. If your contractor says they're having a problem getting it shipped, it's because they don't make that part or fixture anymore. Expect ongoing work, though, as we inspect the finished product and make adjustments.

Work on the elevator remodels has begun. We had similar supply issues which will most likely slow the pace of the work, but we will proceed one elevator at a time and will not begin work on one until all the materials necessary to complete it have been received at this building.

Truste has moved from the 5th floor (suite 560) to the 2nd (suite 270). If you see any FedEx people wandering in the hallways they're probably just lost and looking for Truste's new space. Please do not touch or attempt to feed them. Simply inform them from a safe distance that Truste has moved to the second floor.
IMG has moved in to the 5th floor (suite 500). IMG is a talent management company with such sports stars as Tiger Woods and Venus Williams in their roster of clients. Elevator rides may become a lot more exciting around here.

The CORY (Commercial Recycler of the Year) Awards recognized the Monadnock Building as one of the top commercial recyclers in San Francisco in the small building category. We would like to thank our tenants for helping us achieve this wonderful award by throwing an ice-cream social sometime in September. We're will keep you updated on the planning.

If you haven't seen our new Flag design, take a moment to look up on the next windy day. It's the pink one on the far right with a print of our lobby mural. Please note that the other flags are way overdue to be replaced and we apologize for the delay. Our flag vendor recently went out of business and we are searching for a new one for these staple flags.

That's it for the update!

Thanks for reading,
-The Building Management

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