Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Card Reader Cometh

Some of you may have noticed that some changes have been happening downstairs on our main lobby doors. But for those of you whose faces have been buried in your newspaper or your latte while you sprint through the lobby to the elevators, let me fill you in on what's going on.

A Card Reader security system is being installed in the front door and hooked up to a single elevator, which will allow after-hours access to your floor. One swipe will get you in the building. Another swipe in the elevator will get you to the floor that your card gives you access to. After that, it's back to the good old-fashioned key to get into your suite. This system, once we implement it, will hinder people from coming in after-hours and wandering from floor to floor.

Along with this project, we've taken the liberty of upgrading a few non-compliant building features for ADA access. New braille has been installed in all of our passenger elevators. We are also retro-fitting the main lobby doors with new panic-hardware, which will allow fail-safe mechanical egress of the building's front doors in the event of an emergency.

Allowing for a few more kinks to be worked out of their implementation, we expect to have the ADA items finished and the Card Reader up and running by mid-July.

Stay tuned for an announcement about training for the Card-Reader access system called OneFacility, which we will announce before the system is put into operation.

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